Fibromyalgia is the name given to a group of symptoms characterised by central nervous system pain amplification in association with fatigue, poor sleep mood disorders and a variety of cognitive problems primarily with memory and concentration. It is now considered as a prime example of what is now called central sensitisation syndromes.  It is a disorder of pain processing due to abnormalities in how pain signals are processed in the central nervous system.  Other conditions that are part of central sensitisation include disorders such as migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, pelvic pain and many others.

It is a diagnosis which is based on symptoms as there are no specific objective diagnostic tests. It can occur in association with other conditions such as diabetes and fibromyalgia, hypertension and fibromyalgia and depression and fibromyalgia. It is primarily a disorder of the pain system. The diagnosis is made by excluding other medical conditions that can cause widespread pain. Effective treatment for fibromyalgia is now possible.

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