The Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing is an education, training and research organisation that provides evidence- based information and programs for health professionals and the public. We focus specifically on the conditions of arthritis, fibromyalgia, autoimmune and connective tissue disorders, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

About the Directors

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Our Philosophy

There are many pathways to health and wellbeing. Understanding this and having a willingness to take the time to explore various paths contributes to wellbeing. Gaining knowledge, skills and life purpose provides access to personal wellbeing.

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What Do We Do?

In line with our purpose to enhance health and wellbeing, we provide

  • whole person education programmes to the public
  • education programmes for health care practitioners
  • Integrative medical services
  • a clinical reseach programme.

How Do We Provide Whole Person Education?

Our main provision for whole person education is through our courses. enewsletters, lecture programmes and seminars.

Who Delivers Our Programmes?

The people who lead our programmes are carefully selected for their expertise and education skills. They are from the disciplines of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Nutrition Science and Yoga.

What do we need to know about how to live well?
Where does our knowledge come from?
How do we use this knowledge in our own lives?

The philosophy and programmes of the Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing are based on the integration of current medical and scientific knowledge and the accumulated wisdom of many cultures.

We base our work on the integration of current medical and scientific evidence-based knowledge and the accumulated wisdom of many cultures.

Established in 2003, The Lewis Institute for Health and Wellbeing fulfills its vision by providing courses and programmes for patients, the public and health care professionals; individual patient consultations; research in the areas of integrative medicine; and by promotion of the value of integrative healthcare.

To gain access to living well requires an understanding that lifestyle, health and wellbeing are intimately connected.

Our state of health is influenced significantly by our present and past lifestyle choices. We make these choices moment by moment, consciously or unconsciously.

To enhance health it is necessary to be able to make health-enhancing lifestyle choices ongoingly as part of daily living.
The essential aspect of this is mindfullness, the awareness of every part of ourselves and our connection to everything around us.

Being aware of and incorporating the Pathways to Wellbeing into your life provides access to living well. The pathways are not necessarily distinct. Where they merge, their effectiveness is enhanced.

Human knowledge and understanding is rarely original or unique. Each understanding is based on the collective wisdom that has come before.

In particular the Pathways to Wellbeing framework was inspired by our working with Neal and Carla Hoptman as well as many other inspiring individuals over many years.

What Are Our Services?

  1. Our Medical Service is provided by Dr Daniel Lewis. For details of this service visit
  2. Our Research Service is available to Companies, Universities and individuals who want to avail themselves of our expertise in the design and/ or conduction of scientifically-sound clinical trials. To view our current reaseach activities click here.
  3. You can follow us o Twitter @Paths2wellbeing ; Facebook and Instagram at pathways2 wellbeing.