Feedback from previous Course participants

Feedback from the recent June 2017 Course

Next course 22 February 2018

Many thanks for this amazing course, it is going to set me up for some very good practices and great tools for me to use in the future to deal with whatever life throws at me.

I am just feeling blessed that I have found at last a place and people who understand the complexities of chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety and on going complex emotional problems, rather than just treating all the individual problems and not looking at the overall picture.

This course has been so enriching. So much more than I expected. I realise that it is a lifetime of practice and learning. Thank you for your expertise.

I have been fairly diligent with the meditation. Been wanting to try to incorporate meditation into my life for many years but never been able to find the correct way forward. In this course, I have found what I was looking for and even in this short time I can already see the benefits.
Igor. Medical Practitioner

This course has been life changing. I now have a practice which is already providing me with a means to manage my anxiety and stress.
Marinella. Mental Health Worker

I rate this course as 10 out of 10. My experience in attending this course has been extremely positive. I have learned how to calm my mind and body.
The rewards are significant. Thank you. I will miss our sessions.
Julie. Lawyer

Bill is a fantastic teacher. I really enjoyed coming to each session.
Lauren cafe owner

I loved the comprehensive aspects of the course like mindfulness and self compassion, pain and neuroplasticity of the brain. The group meditations were uplifting. My pain is much less.
Kate. Nurse


This course has been conducted continuously for the last 15 years. Feedback from the last 3 years is recorded below.

Feedback from the March 2017 Course

Thank you Daniel, Bill, Kati and Bev, I am really grateful for all you have contributed to helping me really change my life. It has taken a while – however I am calm – more confident, much less anxious. Meditation helps. The quite time is healing. My sleep, pain, stress and energy have all significantly changed in a positive direction.
Patricia Confoy Retired Publisher Brighton

This was an excellent course. I finally feel like I’m heading down the right path for my health! I wish the course went on for longer, and might even repeat the
course. My sleep, pain, stress and energy levels have all improved substantially.
Tracy personal assistant Bentleigh

I never really understood meditation or how to go about it or where to start and this course definitely answered all those questions for me. It has given me insight into meditation and ways for it to help with everyday life as well is assisting with my condition to help relieve the burden on my body and mind. With practice and getting into a routine, I can see meditation being very positive for my life. So far sleep, stress, and my energy levels are much improved. My pain is unchanged.
Jessica nurse Hoppers Crossing

I found the course stimulating and encouraging in establishing an ongoing routine. I enjoyed the humour and the friendly positive approach I have noticed a significant change in my pain, stress and energy levels.
Sue Malvern

This is the third time I’m doing this course and I have found that I can finally meditate for at least 15 to 20 minutes without thoughts coming into my head. It has also made me more compassionate and tolerant of people.
Nora mother and carer Brighton

In this course there were so many useful techniques, quotes, scientific background supporting this life changing practice. I will be recommending this course to others. Thanks, you have seriously changed my life.
Jason engineer South Yarra

Unfortunately, I had surgery one week into the course and missed two sessions. Nevertheless, I now have the tools I need to meditate, slowly calm my nervous system and improve my health. It has been very worthwhile and I’m very happy I took part in the course. My pain, stress, energy and sleep patterns have all improved significantly. Thank you for allowing me to do the makeup sessions that I missed in the upcoming June course.
Erin nurse Doreen

Great! Thank you. I am feeling the transformation.
Edwina hairdresser Kew

This is the first meditation course that has allowed me to move away from guided meditation to self-guided. Great experience.
Nimrod, Project Manager, St Kilda.

I have learnt that I can now be in control of my pain and have learnt by simply sitting still I can lower my cortisol levels and stress that I’ve lived with for a lifetime. Thank you for everything. My pain is 60% less. There has been a substantial change and reduction in my stress.
Amy speech therapy Yarraville

Feedback from the November 2016 Course

This is the first meditation course that has allowed me to move away from guided meditation to self-guided. Great experience.
Nimrod, Project Manager, St Kilda.

The group energy in the room always motivated me to put in 100% each session.
Michael, Student,Vermont South.

It took me until the last session to become an A+ student in meditation. I found all the information extremely informative and relevant. I cannot wait to continue my journey in meditation.
Courtney, Health Coach,St Kilda.

This course was far clearer and more helpful than trying to learn to meditate from a book.
John, Medical Practitioner, Melbourne.

I was suffering from a lot of stress and anxiety. The course has shown me how to be calmer. In terms of benefit I rate this course 10/10.

Meditation has taught me how to control negative feelings.
Ken, Customer Service, Collingwood.

As the course progressed it became more enjoyable and rewarding. The course helped me physically and emotionally. I’m looking forward to experiencing a continued benefit and peace.
llyke, Mother, East Melbourne.

During this course I found my happiness again.
Kate, Home Duties, Fairfield.

This course has shown me how to nurture myself. I have found meditation to be a great calming technique.
Sue, Sales ,St Kilda.

I found this course to be very beneficial. I’ve learnt that meditation is an experience which needs to be learned and like catching a ball one must practice and train the body and the mind to work in sync without interruption or second thought.
David, Soldier, Somerville.

The group meditations were amazing for their stillness.
Val, Pastoral Worker, Ballarat.

I am a regular meditator of several years yet I still found the information interesting and new.
Irene, Retired, Bentleigh.

I found the course to be really helpful to manage my stress and pain. This is the second time I’ve done the course and have been able to better integrate
meditation into my everyday life.

This course has opened my mind to a whole new world. It has given me a positive insight into setting aside time to focus on my inner self.
Howard ,Project manager. Vermont.

My pain levels are beginning to improve

I like how the course is structured, gaining knowledge/theory/practical techniques/opportunity to practice and to learn how to stretch the body.
Bev, secretary , Malvern

I have really enjoyed the course. I have loved the learning that takes place, the reflection and the experience of being in a group. Initially I thought a group might be intimidating but it turned out to be a very positive experience.
Anna, teacher Park Ochards

I’m so sorry this course has come to an end!
Elizabeth, retired teacher Glen Iris

I came to the course with no expectations at all, mainly to support my son. I will leave the course with a greater understanding of the power of the mind.
Jo, bookkeeper, Vermont

Thank you. This was the second time I did the course and I found it just as beneficial as the first. It has been very impactful for my stress.
Chloe, volunteer coordinator, Clifton Hill

Feedback from the July 2016 Course

At the end of the course participants were invited to rate the course from 0 to 10.
Zero meaning not at all beneficial and 10 extremely beneficial.
95% of the participants rated the course greater than 7/10.
80% of the participants gave the course either 9/10 or 10/10.

I have really enjoyed the course. It was the perfect introduction to meditation. My sleep, pain and stress levels are all significantly improved. Thank you so much for the course. I’ll be sure to recommend it to everyone.
Zoe public relations, South Yarra

I have found peace especially during the course. The quietness and stillness has been beneficial. I rate this course is 10 out of 10. My sleep has improved significantly.
Maria retired ,Brighton

I have learn so much from this course. So beneficial. Score 10/10 :

Extremenly Interesting. I learnt a lot and found the science taught to be fascinating.
Score 8/10 : Johanna, Malvern.

Thank you for a great course. I really enjoyed learning about the different types of meditation and mindfulness. It was great having the between session email support.
Lisa administration ,Forest Hill

This was a new and different approach to managing my ongoing pain when all other approaches and medications have failed.
John retired ,Caulfield.

The course has strongly emphasised the value of meditation from a health point of view. The research evidence presented was inspiring.
Caroline mother ,Armadale.

This course has been extremely beneficial. There has been a significant reduction in my stress. I have noticed I am more patient. Great success in using meditation to improve sleep.
Emma business development specialist, Kensington

After each session I left feeling very light and relaxed. My sleep is improved and I have less stress.
Leone mum, Brighton

This course has been extremely beneficial. I’m now able to switch off at the end of the day. I feel refreshed after meditation. I had more energy, my pain is less, sleep is improved and I’m less stressed.
Julie Cafe owner, Brighton

After only a few meditation sessions I realise that my pain had gone away. Quite amazing. I have previously had many years of struggle effort and pain. This course has been extremely beneficial.
Rikki Beaumaris

All the inspiration and encouragement received during these last 5 weeks has change my life for the better. I’m so grateful and empowered. I have less pain, improved sleep, less stress and more energy.
Claire, holistic healer musician, Saint Kilda

This is the third time I’ve done the course. I find it really inspired me every time giving me fresh perspective and allowing me to reset my sail and life’s course. Brilliant! My pain is less and sleep has improved.
Amanda coach, Brighton

This course in meditation has been unique and comprehensive>
Helen retired nurse ,Malvern East

Great Course -2nd time I have done it. It has taught me how to persevere.
Chris CFO Canterburry

I loved this course. I drive one hour each way to get here. I feel diffrerent and want to experience more of this. This has been a gentle,informative and hugely expanding time.
Annie Retired teacher Upper Beaconsfield

Feedback from the recent October 2015 Course

This is what they said.

At the end of the course participants were invited to rate the course from 0 to 10.
Zero meaning not at all beneficial and 10 extremely beneficial.
100% of the participants rated the course greater than 7/10.
82% of the participants gave the course either 9/10 or 10/10.

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for the kindness and support throughout the More than Meditation course. My father suggested that I take your course after I was diagnosed with an eating disorder at the start of this year. I have been battling with my mind and body for a while now, as well as having a large university workload and 3 part-time jobs. I often find myself getting overwhelmed with my busy schedule and it is really special to be able to find a short period of peace for 10 minutes every day now. I know that meditation will not fix all of my problems, but it is an amazing skill to have in times of stress. Previously when I would get overwhelmed, I would resort to disordered eating behaviours such as bingeing, restricting my food or over-exercising in an attempt to make myself feel better. Lately I have been able to meditate when I feel overwhelmed, rather than engaging in those self-destructive behaviours. Thank you for helping me to develop this invaluable skill. I am sure it will be an important adjunct to my ongoing recovery.
  • I have had a significant change in my sleep. I started to sleep through the night without that 3:30 AM internal wake-up call. Thank you
  • I was hesitant at first! As the weeks passed I have noticed a big change. My stress levels have reduced. I have noticed a significant change in my energy.
  • I am an emergency nurse with high stress. I have found it hard to switch off. The practice of meditation has allowed me to relax and decrease my anxiety while being mindful of my actions and reactions.
  • The course brings together the best of the meditation techniques and insights.
  • The most important thing I’ve gained from this experience is being in the incredible positive energy of Bill, Katie and Daniel.
    This energy will power my desire for meditation well until the future.
  • It was fantastic to come back and do the course a second time. I learned more and cemented the knowledge I currently have.
  • Well done on a very well presented course delivered with passion and enthusiasm and a great sense of humour.
  • I was always been resistant to meditation, for no specific reason, other than my own stubbornness and ego.
    In reflection, I see this as a piece of the puzzle that has in essence save my life.
  • This course gave me more than I could have imagined. I feel like I was stuck, I feel like I have taken back my life with both hands I’m happy kind aware rest calm and pain-free. The course has given me a whole new pathway in my life. Thank you
  • I initially didn’t think that meditation was for me but after attending the course I can now see that everybody can benefit from meditation.
  • Awesome
  • This course has taught me to slow down, be still and not judge myself and the thoughts I have, just observe and be still.
  • This is the third time I’ve done the course. I feel I have grown so much with each course.

More Than Meditation Course Feedback from the July/Aug 2015 Course

Our participants were asked, on the last night of the Course to rate how beneficial they had found it,
where a rating of 1 = “not at all beneficial” and 10 = “extremely beneficial”.

32% gave the course a rating of 10/10

39% gave the course a rating of 9/10

19% gave the course a rating of 8/10

10% gave the course a rating 7/10

one participant rated the course as 6/10 which was the lowest rating received.

70% of participants attending the course provided their feedback at the end of the course
(providing their name and details was optional).

Here are some examples of what they discovered :

This course has been profoundly moving and inspiring . I’ve become more attentive to the “now”. I am developing a calmness and I believe that I have the answer to moving forward in a more productive manner . (I have been in a very self-destructive hole).
Score 10/10 : Karen, Nurse, Blairgowrie, Vic.

I have learn so much from this course.
Score 10/10 : annonymous

This course has helped me understand more about how clearing the mind of thoughts and observing thoughts are key to meditation. This has helped me to relax, be more considered and enjoy interactions. And concentrate more effectively. I’m feeling more peaceful and happy.
Score 10/10 : Rosie, Consultant, Hawthorn, Vic.

I have found that developing a regular meditation practice has helped me greatly in dealing with life stresses. I have noticed a gradual decrease in anxiety symptoms with a feeling of not being hyped up so much.
Score 10/10 : Julianne, Administrator, Elwood,Vic.

I have noticed a marked change in my temperament. Now, nothing seems as serious, stressful, anxious and angry than I would have made it previously. The course has opened my eyes to the benefit of being mindful and how our thoughts put stress on our lives.
Score 9/10 : Helen, Consultant, Bentleigh, Vic.

I came to this course in support of my wife with a sceptical outlook and came away wanting to embrace this experience of meditation and continuing learning and practising more.
Score 9/10 : Bradley, Business Development Manager, Vermont, Vic.

I am sleeping better, my anxiety is lowered and fatigue levels have declined. I was apprehensive about beginning this course, but couldn’t be more impressed with the results.
Score 9/10 : Serena, Student, Brunswick, Vic.

Assisted in reducing anxiety and pain control . As a chronic pain sufferer for many years this has provided a tool for managing the pain and hopefully over time will reduce this completely.
Score 8/10 : Mark, Sales Manager, Glen Waverley, Vic.

The Course makes it very easy for beginners. No expectations, no pressure – a very open, real, honest journey. Highly practical.
Score 6/10 : Anonymous

well structured – content so informative. Positive! Positive! Positive!
Score 10/10 : Tricia, Retired, Brighton.

In Summary :

Learning to understand and train our own minds to bring about beneficial change is becoming increasingly important as we continue to live in a demanding, modern, diverse and fast-paced world where a lot of us feel that we are losing the direction and control we want.

The More Than Meditation Course continues to create a non-demanding, gently-guided route to discovering how we can change our lives beneficially – beginning with ourselves.

Feedback following the February, 2015 Course.

I have just completed the six-week meditation course. I still haven’t seen the light with meditation, I’m sticking with it waiting for the day when I will. I have meditated every day and will continues. I consider this course has been mostly beneficial because it has made me realise that I can take control
of my life-my mind and not staying a victim to my fibromyalgia and sleeping problems and stress. I am doing something for myself and that only I can do. I’ve learned the importance of investing my own well-being. Enough said, hopefully meditation will start to come naturally soon. I’m going to give it a good go.
Thank you for this course.
Lynn, Nanny Brighton

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the many things I learnt in your course, both about meditation and about myself.

You may not know, but a friend brought me along to the course, and honestly, if I had been asked 2 months ago, I would not have considered meditation for me. I am very grateful that she encouraged me to come because I have learnt so much about managing my day to day occurrences, stress and even pain – it has been an eye opening experience.

I am still travelling to the power of 50 ( one element of the course ), but aspire to the power of 100.

Thank you again for your encouragement and never failing optimism that we are not failing, but still travelling in our meditation journey.

kindest regards

Feedback following the October, 2014 and February, 2015 Course.

Better Sleep

I have finally got in to a sleep pattern after years of late nights and and late mornings. Leanne service manager, Pakenham

It was so great to learn and understand the real basics of meditation practice. My Sleep quality pain and stress levels are much improved.
Mardi. Art therapist. North Fitzroy.

I’m definitely feeling more energetic and sleeping better. My pain is much less. I’m sorry that the course has come to an end so quickly.
Karen. Pathology Nurse. Lower Plenty

After five years of disrupted sleep, I am now able to focus, ignore my thoughts,self talk and worries and go back to sleep Yes!
Jane, Art teacher Vermont

Great Course – Great Teachers

I now have an appreciation of what meditation and being in the moment is.
Ian. Engineer. Gisborn

This course helped me find the most beneficial style of meditation that suits me. There ha sbeen a significant change in my sleep and pain.
Wendy Nurse consultant, Warrandyte

Life changing! May sound extreme but the course has jolted me out of ‘thngs will always be the same”.
Amanda career coach, Brighton

This course has got me back into the practice of meditation. Bill is a great teacher. I have less pain. My stress levels are better and I have more energy. I am more accepting of where I am at.
Kate. risk manager. West Footscray

The course was a first introduction to medication for me. It was insightful.
Thank you to all involved ,
David. Retired, Caulfield

This course was extremely beneficial. It was different to what I expected it would be and at the midpoint I wondered whether it was not what I was looking for.
However I then noticed that my meditation practice started to improve and I now meditate every morning without fail. This is what I was hoping for and this is what I achieved thank you so much. My pain, stress and energy is also much better!!
Tess. nurse. Preston

This course has been an amazing journey. Bill, what a fantastic facilitator! Your knowledge and humour made each week a real treat! And gift!.
A special thank you to Katie for greeting us each week warmly and welcoming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have achieved significant improvement in sleep, energy levels and diminished pain.
Sharon. Warehouse Manager. Bentleigh.

Thank you for bringing some peace, comfort, warmth, compassion, bliss, waiting, insightfulness and awareness into my life. I will never forget it.
Linda, Psychologist. Caulfield

It feels great to be more in control. Thanks for a great course!
Noni. Occupational Therapist, North Fitzroy

I would just like to say thank you for all the hard work, instruction and care which Bill, Daniel, Katie and Bev have put into the meditation course. I have found it has inspired me to restart my meditation practice with a committment to me to help manage my fibromyalgia.
Leanne. Glen Iris.

I recomend this course without reservation.
W. dentist, Armadale

I gained more from this course personally than I thought I would and I am determined to continue to learn and to practice. Compared to 6 weeks ago there has been significant change in my sleep, stress and energy levels
Rosan. Physiotherapist. Hampton.

Less Stress

I rate this course 10 out of 10. It felt so good have some relief from my anxiety. I now look forward to the daily practice and each week to the class. The benefits have been immense
Leigh. Recruitment manager. Mentone

I wish I had done this course years ago. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. The instruction is very professional.
George, Solicitor, Mcrae

This course has given me a new dimension for coping with stress that comes from a busy lifestyle
Kelly, Healthpromotion, Blackburn.

Reduced Pain – More Energy

I was able to reduce my pain experience and anxiety significantly.
Chris, nurse Bentleigh.

I feel like I’ve discovered a whole new world of energy. This was my first time ever and I was so overwhelmed with what I’ve experienced during sessions.
My pain is less. I sleep better than six weeks ago and I’m a lot happier. Thank you so much for your help.
Heesun Disability employment services. Highett.

This course has made me more thoughtful, more energised and nicer than I could have imagined possible. My health issue was fatigue and there has been a significant improvement in my energy level.
Hannah. Student. Geelong.

Learning to focus on my breathing has eased my pain. The course has helped me give up smoking.
Elizabeth. Public servant. Altona Meadows

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